Annie and the Underdogs

As usual, the first day back after two weeks away was spent in the laundry. Basket followed basket followed basket. It was all rather essentially dull.

Tonight, however, was anything but dull.

A few months ago Mirinda had me buy some tickets to a play in Southampton. Her PA, Rowena, was appearing in it. It was called Golem.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Golem was a ‘man’ made of clay that responded to a tablet with written instructions dropped into its mouth. It is a Jewish legend that originated in the Prague synagogue we visited a few Christmases ago. Rabbi Low created Golem in order to help protect them from anti-semitism in the 16th century. Golem also helped around the house and church.

The story ends with Golem becoming bigger and stronger and a threat to its creator. Rabbi Low removed the tablet and hid Golem away, never to be reactivated.

The Golem we saw tonight was a production by an amazing theatre company called 1927. While it borrows from the Jewish legend, it also applies it to today and how we are ultimately controlled by the things we convince ourselves that we control.

Apart from the important message, the production was excellent. Very clever and imaginative with some superb use of multimedia. In fact my only complaint would be that there was no programme and their website doesn’t include the cast. It’s a shame because they were all fantastic. When I say ‘all’, there was only five and a keyboard player on stage.

(Annie and the Underdogs was the name of the basement only anarchic punk band in the play.)

Anyway, congratulations to the entire cast and crew on a play that never flagged, was never dull and simply blew me away…almost like the weather on the way home. The motorway was rendered almost invisible by torrential rain. We drove quite slowly for a lot of it.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    You must have bought the rain back with you. Very unusual play but interesting. Love mum xxxx


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