A single complaint

It’s the needs of the few, I guess, but I have to say that I’m rather glad that Ofcom doesn’t operate in the same way. (Speaking of which, I had no idea that part of Ofcom’s purview is to ensure that there is a universal postal service provided in the UK. Who knew?)

Anyway, the thing is, yesterday I had a call from the person who looks after the readers and presenters for the Talking Newspaper. He had had a complaint from one of the listeners. She said she wasn’t very happy with a couple of things I had said in the last Alton edition I presented.

In the interests of balance, these are the two things she complained about:

  1. Following a piece about a charity organisation organising a function where people threw powdered coloured paint at each other, I said it sounded like an Indian funeral…actually it’s the Holi Festival.
  2. When it came to the birth and deaths, there being no births, I suggested that nine months ago I know what everyone wasn’t doing and it had nothing to do with Christmas.

Now, perhaps I went a bit far (though not really) but, honestly, I think it a bit rich that on the strength of a single complaint I have been told to tone it down a bit. What if there was an objection to my pronunciation of the word yoghurt? Or the fact that I rather enjoy cricket?

Contrarwise, I have been told that the listeners love my chaotic and irreverent style, suggesting I am a breath of fresh air. I’ve had people tell me about how dull and stuffy some of the readers are and how much they enjoy reading with me. I know at least one presenter who is quite condescending to the listeners because they think they are all a bit dumb or old or…I don’t know what.

I don’t really care about the others. They do what they do and it’s all voluntary so hats off to them. It’s not like I’m going to tell them to change. However, I think a worse crime than suggesting people have sex is to bore the pants off them or talk to them like small children. But perhaps that’s just me. At least I have a blog where I am free to vent as much as I like.


What that amounts to is that today I presented the Farnham edition and was, in the words of one my readers “…quite subdued.” I didn’t enjoy it very much and wonder how long I can keep it up before dropping it all together.

Whatever…the best part of the day was watching this on the way into town.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    What a miserable old women or man if they think they can do better tell them to get of there back side and do it, people like that make me sick and as Dawn said rev it up. Don’t stop it as you will disappoint so many others who cant get out so enjoy what you say and do. That was good the Balloon but where did it land.
    Have a great break . Love mum xxxx

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