Returning to routine

Things were back to normal this morning, apart from Mirinda being interviewed on BBC Suffolk radio about the skills shortage. I had to wake her up early enough to be awake for it. The interview was at 7:20 and, I thought, went very well. I’d not have heard it only the Sonos lets us listen to most radio stations over the Internet.

Pearson quite handily made a clipping of the interview which I’ve included below. Mirinda appears about halfway through but I think the whole clip is worth hearing. The points made by the kids prove the existence of the problem really.

Back in the non-celebrity world of the Househusband, things were not so ground shattering. I went shopping first thing then Skyped mum before lunch then took the girls to the park.

All smiles

It’s worth noting from the above photo that I forgot to get Emma a new ball this morning. There were several reasons for this. Firstly because Waitrose didn’t have any. Secondly because I wanted to avoid someone. Thirdly because I didn’t go anywhere near Barkers, the dog shop. Tomorrow then…

Still, Emma had fun even though the ball is rapidly becoming so much shredded rubber and polyester. To be honest, there was still one half a sphere left to fit into the Flicka-stik™…though we did lose it at one stage for about 15 frantic minutes. Emma’s seemingly meaningless wanderings eventually turned it up. Phew!

I’ve noticed that Emma doesn’t get nearly as much attention as Freya these days. It’s because of the ball obsession, clearly but also because Freya looks just like a little lamb and people just want to stroke her. I can’t blame them, she does feel very cuddly.

Me and my monkey

Anyway, that was about it for my exciting Tuesday. Tomorrow looks like being just as thrilling…but without the interview.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Thank you Gary my son I did enjoy it and also found out a few things feel sorry for the kids leaving school I expect its the same out here. I hope you got Emma some new balls that is awful and you and Freya look good in photo you get more like dad all the time. Love mum xxxx

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