The beginning of the mayhem

Yesterday saw the start of the platform extension programme at Waterloo Station. For the next three weeks there will only be half of the 20 odd platforms available for trains while the work is completed. We have been given more warning than I would have thought strictly necessary but at least it means people can’t really claim ignorance.

This morning I put the new timetable to the test. Our trains don’t seem to have been affected except that they are stopping at more stations which makes the trips a bit longer. I can live with that if it all works properly. Of course, being a weekend, the true impact of the closed platforms will truly be felt tomorrow morning when the commuters start their journeys to work.

My trip was completely problem free. I left the flat for the Jubilee Line and arrived at Waterloo 15 minutes before the scheduled train home…which left exactly on schedule. The trip was easy and I was back in Farnham by lunchtime.

My arrival at home was welcomed by Freya who desperately tried to let me in the front door. Mirinda has this habit of putting the front door on the latch when I’m not there. This means that no-one with a key can get in. Of course I could have just climbed in the library window but preferred to yell and scream and call her from her yoga on the Lumpy Grass. Of course she thought it was uproariously funny.

And waiting for me to unwrap was our newest acquisition. Eddie, our new Espresso Machine.


Mirinda always likes a ‘nice’ coffee when she’s home and I’ve been making cups of fresh bean cafetiere with cream for her. Then, last week, I decided it was time we stepped things up a bit. After a fair bit of research, I settled on Eddie. Mirinda had the first coffee and said it was very good. I’ll have to practice a bit but it is very easy to use and tastes much better than either instant or the cafetiere.

The rest of the day was spent in working on Mirinda’s Very Important Document and associated documents. At one stage, a very excited Freya couldn’t help but show her enthusiasm for the spreadsheet we were both working on.


She quickly woke up when it was time for a walk. Mirinda took them both off to Hankley while I cooked up a mini Japanese feast. Genghis Khan (rapidly becoming my favourite), griddled veg, tofu and caviar and, of course, Miso Gaz. A yumbo way to end the day.

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2 Responses to The beginning of the mayhem

  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Well lets hope the trains don’t upset your journey . That looks exciting I will try it when I come over. the coffee I mean. LOL
    Love mum xxxx

  2. Dawn says:

    Eddie is very good looking.

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