Pleasant tunes

Dull and grey today. That was all. And then a little bit of rain this evening. Not that we noticed. We were watching Wallander with Kenneth Branagh.

Now, is it just me, or is Wallander very hard going? It’s all filmed and directed beautifully and the acting is fantastic. The stories are even pretty good but it’s as emotionally draining as a super suction pump under a bath. I just feel like grabbing Kurt and shaking him, telling him to get a grip! Though it wouldn’t do any good. He’d look off into the blue distance, look down and then walk away without a word, while his mobile phone annoyingly bleeped. I’d also like to know if it’s as bad in the original Swedish. I thought the Swedes were a happy bunch.

Today Mirinda had her monthly book club in Chawton. This month it was an autobiography by a slave – Mary Prince – published in 1831 and which had a lot to do with the ending of slavery. If you would like to read it, Project Gutenberg has an online copy here (if you don’t mind reading on the PC).

However, before book group, it was time to visit the hairdresser. This is always scary. Mirinda and hairdressers are not always easy chums.

She has been going to Toni and Guy for ages, even though she can’t stand going there but because she’s used to the girl and the girl is clearly having successful therapy. Well, the girl has been on holiday for a suspiciously long time and Mirinda finally got the hint and booked at my hairdressers. I’m hoping she didn’t mention me.

Anyway, she reported back that all was fine. And her hair looks great. I’ve taken a photo but it’s not very good. You can’t see the red streaks for a start. But it was quite dark. It also includes her playing the guitar, which I’ve been fortunate enough to hear tonight.

Mirinda's Hair

And so now, our weekend together is over. Tomorrow morning she’s back off into London and I’ll be back at the essay writing. Although Nicktor is supposed to come around tomorrow night. We’ll go and see the mighty Shots play. I mean, WIN!

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    We agree about Wallander drives us mad, tell Mirinda her hair looks nice but as you say cant see the red streaks.
    love mum xx


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