Sharon’s birthday

I met Polly today. She’s a golden retriever pup. While I’m always happy to pat and stroke a friendly dog that insists on a bit of attention, Polly was more interested in smelling the girls on me. We were in Starbucks and because I was sitting down, Polly was busy sniffing my legs.

Shortly after we’d been introduced by Victoria, Polly was sent into a panic when another dog entered the store.

What does a dog order in Starbucks?

I’m not sure how Emma would have reacted but I reckon Freya would have tried to make friends with it.

My day was a bit odd today. Because I’ll not be able to go to the gym tomorrow, I went first thing this morning then walked back home in order to Skype with mum. This meant going shopping a lot later than I prefer.

It was very crowded in Farnham though there was only one person in a dog costume. Even so, it was still lovely and the sun was shining which always adds a certain pleasaant dryness to the trip.

I bumped into Engineer Roy outside Waitrose. He told me that he might have to give up Talking Newspaper because of problems he was having. Always ready for a bit of gossip, I was eager to know why. He assured it me that it was nothing to do with Talking Newspaper but rather the wider world. I made the right consoling noises but, frankly, was a bit disappointed there was nothing juicy to report.

Mirinda was still working on the never ending document for work and I had to fix the bibliography for an article she’s submitted for publication. Not onerous; just a bit fiddly. I also scanned and shredded for a bit.

No risk of over-excitement for me today but best wishes to Shazza and I hope her day was FABBO!

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Well you never found out why some one was walking around dressed as a dog I will have to keep wandering. Love mum xxx


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