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Don’t miss out! This is the latest in televisual delight. And a total steal at only 66 guineas!

While considering the above bargain, I’ll just mention the weather at the moment. Today it rained pretty much all day. Okay there were moments of no rain and then moments of more rain but, basically, it was wall to wall rain.

We were going to go to the Garden Show at Loseley Park but Mirinda had to work – a very important document – so we were confined to the house. The rain helped with not going to the Garden Show because it wouldn’t have been particularly pleasant.

While Mirinda worked I prepared tapas because tonight was the first TAPAS NIGHT at Chez Gaz.

I invented a number of dishes, spending the afternoon in prep and design or, as I like to put it, Fiddling with Food. It could be because we’re discussing going back to Andalucia in September. Whatever, it was a lot of fun.

Of course we started with a sherry from Jerez…

…and a small bowl of olives and Iberico aged ewe, goat and cow cheese.

When it all came down to it, I made a bit too much stuff. Not that it mattered. The two salads will do for lunch tomorrow.

The highlight was Cocotte de Gaz which features a hard boiled egg with the yolk removed and replaced with caviar then covered in a cheesy sauce (incorporating the egg yolk) with bacon sprinkled on top. Seriously delicious. Mind you, the prosciutto wrapped cheese was pretty good too…though I stole the idea from M&S.

Spending half a day in the kitchen creating new dishes is a delight for me, particularly with such an appreciative recipient.

Before I end this rather dull post, I’d just like to add a video. I took this the other day while throwing one of Emma’s numerous balls up the corridor. I love the way she retrieves whatever I throw and Freya retrieves Emma. Cracks me up every time. I’m sitting on the floor, which explains the low angle.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    The lunch looks good. and yes Freya makes me laugh the way she goes after Emma, love mum xxxxxx


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