Tar removal

Today Dave the Gardener turned up along with Adam and a van piled high with new railway sleepers…that have never actually been railway sleepers. The job this week was to rip up and replace the tar filled old ones that have been in the front garden since we moved in.

The original sleepers were actually real ones and, therefore, full of tar. I don’t know why real railway sleepers are infused with tar but they are and it’s not a good thing…unless they have trains running over them all day I guess.

When real ones are used in a garden they stink in the summer and great globs of viscous black tar starts to seep out of them. If it was just the smell I guess it could be put up with particularly given the paucity of hot days in this country.

The main problem with the real ones however is the fact that the tar seeps into the ground and renders it pretty dire. Mirinda has been wanting them eradicated for many, many years. And I really, really didn’t want to do it.

So armed with all manner of electric cutting equipment, Dave the Gardener and Adam worked their butts off getting it finished in the four hours they had today.

But it wasn’t just the sleepers that needed doing. They also had to remove the dead jasmine, top up the soil in the raised beds and plant a couple of bedding plants which Mirinda had bought on the weekend.

By lunchtime they’d finished and I reckon it looks pretty good. It certainly smells better.

The bed doesn’t extend quite as far towards the house as it originally did so that we can store the bins a bit more out of sight than they were before.

As for me…I went to the gym first thing but came straight home afterwards because Mirinda had to go into town for a meeting while I had to take on the mantle of overseer. After lunch I headed into the back garden and planted a couple of black eyed Susans at the base of the obelisk in the hot border.

Naturally we also went to the park for a run around.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Wow! that looks great cant believe the difference Mind you don’t blame you not wanting to do it must have been an awful job to do for Dave and Adam still they where getting paid. Love mum xxxx


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