Saturday shopping is silly-Piccadilly

As my week of alliterative post titles draws to an end, I have to say that heading up to Waterloo and then onto Piccadilly Circus on a rainy Saturday morning is a really bad idea. Unless you like crowds and being generally jostled and poked with umbrellas.

The reason I was on this crazy mission was because I had to go to the Japan Centre for some fresh sashimi quality fish. (I also managed to pick up some other bits and pieces that were more or less needed.) And the reason I had to go to the Japan Centre for some fresh sashimi quality fish is because Ben, Monali, Imogen, Saffron and George are coming over for lunch tomorrow and I’m making a Japanese feast.

Of course South West Trains were as helpful as they always are on the weekend. The weird unexplained timetable is still in force so it took me half an hour longer to get to Waterloo than it normal does – and the same in reverse. This was more annoying than usual because I was on a time restriction due to freezer boxes.

In order to buy fresh fish in London and carry it home to Farnham I had to get a small cooler bag with those blue blocks one freezes for Eskys. The thing is, they are only good for four hours and then they rapidly lose any coldness. I figured I could do it in just over two hours but the new timetable added another hour.

At Waterloo I quickly raced down to the Bakerloo Line for Piccadilly. When I say ‘raced’ it was not exactly fast because of my stupid feet and the Saturday morning crowds doing the same thing as I was…presumably without the fish. And the crowds who jostled and shoved remained with me, emptying out of the tube train at Piccadilly as well.

They were nothing compared to the crowds above ground once I’d finally reached the street. And the rain. Of course, it had to be raining. While getting wet doesn’t really bother me that much, getting skewered on golf umbrellas does. The majority of people huddle under shelter still holding the umbrellas waiting for the lights to change when they all converge like a Roman battle formation. It’s frightening!

Anyway, I manage to avoid any serious injury and entered the joy that is the Japan Centre. Except it was packed and therefore some of the joy had to make room for the extra customers. Even so, it was still great getting to once more visit my favourite shop.

Armed with supplies and precious fish, I headed home. And I made it before the freezer boxes returned to room temperature. I breathed a sigh of relief as I put the fish in the fridge for some proper chilling time. At least no-one will die from eating spoiled fish.

Speaking of fish…I poached trout fillets tonight. I tried to reverse engineer the meal I had in the Haymarket restaurant on Wednesday night. I think it went quite well.

Let’s hope for the same tomorrow.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    My goodness don’t you have a closer one then that it was an exciting blog to read but glad I wasn’t with you mind you when I get my knees done there will be no stopping me. hahaha love mum xxx

  2. Mum Cook. says:

    You should have put a pad and pencil on the chair hahaha they look so cutie love mum xxxx

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