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I managed to relive the horrors of my colonoscopy today, advising mum that she really, really needed to take the drugs on offer. She told me not to worry. She was going to take any and every thing. It all happens on Thursday following the dreaded liquid intake.

Nothing so horrific for me though. After shopping, Skyping, lunching and walking in the park, I took delivery of a new attempt to extend our wifi coverage into the extension.

The connections have been appalling ever since the build was finished. It’s to do with the big steel beams and the lead flashing in the chimney breast. And the thick walls. Basically, it’s everything.

I’ve tried the plug in extenders but they only work on days ending in the letter ‘p.’ Except, oddly, in my office. I think it’s because the electrics into the office are on a separate circuit and don’t suffer much interference.

Anyway, I found out about wifi extenders that sort of bounce the signal in a sort of wifi 50 metre medley baton. I bought one, hoping this would be my final effort to make it work and end Mirinda’s frustrations.

I had to pair the equipment and faff a bit but, after some judicial relocating throughout the extension and some exhaustive testing in every area of the extension (including the terrace) I proclaimed it working. And so it remained.

Hopefully Mirinda will be happy. I know I am. One of the most irritating things is when I go to put the Sonos on only to discover I have no signal and have to go into the library to get it to work. No more! Hopefully…

I’m gradually putting together a series of photos of my trip back from Farnham. Following Sunday’s lane, here’s the next section along the park path.

And, speaking of the park, I notice that the Ranger has decided to distribute more tree chippings along the path in order to ease the mud congestion of the wetter bits of the year.

Mounds of chips

This worked so well last time that it augurs well for the coming winter months.

As an experiment, I tried to get footage of Emma chasing and bringing back her ball but from her level. I used the selfie stick given my lack of crouching ability. I know it needs improvement – I should sit down for a start – but I’ll keep trying.

In case you’re wondering, Freya runs off after a squirrel on the final run.

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