The Troubles

Last day of the Javascript course. Exam was easy…as usual (I hope). Let out at 3:30.

Hopped on a train stopping at Woking – express – but was held up for ten minutes when the guard couldn’t get the door to work for his little room. It was a new train too.

Went to Boots and collected the enlargement of the church in Munio. I think it’s beautiful. The sales girl also commented on it.

I then went to the library to waste a bit of time before catching a train to Guildford where we saw the new Shared Experience play The Clearing.

It was excellent as usual but not with their normal levels of physicality. The performances, though, were remarkable as was the script. It was a bit depressing. It seems the troubles in Ireland have been going on for a bit longer than I thought. The 1600’s to put a year on it.

The boxes arrived today. Some earnest packing must start tomorrow.

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