Vikings and trumpets

Day 1 of Learning Tree course: Web Developing Apps Javascript. Lousy trip to Euston, head filled with coding then lousy trip back.

Signed final papers for the house and left them at Neale Turk. We should exchange tomorrow.

I’m presently reading Last Places by Lawrence Millman. It’s about his trip to all the ‘last places’ the Vikings went to. So far it’s an excellent read and I’m enjoying it a lot. But…in Chapter 5 (page 90 in the edition I’m reading) he writes:

“Perhaps I’m just reactionary. Backward. Thick-witted. Unscientific. I’ve even read one or two books about the Apollo moon mission, yet I confess I still can’t figure out what Armstrong was doing up there on July 20, 1969. You can’t play the trumpet in a vacuum…”

Ignoring the quip and the elipses, he seems to be at odds with his own book. He gets to this after explaining that Iceland (or part of it) was used as a training ground prior to the moon mission. The reason he was in Iceland was because a Viking landed there a long time ago. Given that Iceland has always been bleak, lonely and ‘not a lot of fun,’ I have to wonder what the first Viking (Ingolur Arnarson) back in 874 was doing there.

I guess he could play his trumpet but there wasn’t a lot of audience. Such a lot of vehemence on the part of the author surprised me.

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