Rain for a change

From BBC Radio 4:

Announcer: It has been reported that the NHS is running on fumes. Some people beg to differ.
Doctor: No, the NHS is not running on fumes. The fumes were in a box. The fumes have been sucked out of the box. The NHS is now running on an empty box. It can’t last long.

This is very interesting when you consider that Theresa May just promised the DUP £1b so they’ll give her a majority in the House. Basically what this government is saying is that the health of the nation takes a backseat while they’ll pay lots of dosh in order to remain in power. The worst thing is that it’s the taxpayer’s money she’s doling out. Who gave her a mandate to buy votes rather than cure the sick?

Maybe it’s like Trumpology where you just keep trying more and more extreme things because the general population will allow almost everything for peace and quiet. The trouble with this strategy is that when the break comes, it comes with a great crash. Heads roll and people die. It makes a lot more sense to just govern in a reasonable and responsible way, taking into account the feelings of the general population. Still, where’s the fun in that?

Speaking of fun…I built an outside cupboard today to go down the side of the house. It is to house the Karcher and bird feed. I think I should elaborate a bit. I didn’t exactly build it. It arrived flat packed from Amazon and I put it together.

It was all pretty straight forward though not particularly easy given the cramped space and the continually increasing fall of rain.

We were actually quite fortunate with the rain as it happens. I had to wait for the delivery before taking the girls to the park and though grey and gloomy, it was perfectly dry. We had a lovely wander (run around in Emma’s case).

Selfie with Freya

(I had a play with the selfie stick I bought for my old phone which didn’t work. It works perfectly with my new phone so selfies should be a lot better now.)

Then, back at home, I tackled the cupboard.

After a lot of heaving and ho-ing, it was complete and proving its worth in being rain proof. I decided not to put anything in it until after the rain just to make sure it remains dry over night.

Perfect fit

I have to clear some of the rubbish out but the rain forced me indoors as soon as I’d finished cutting up the giant cardboard box for the recycling.

The rain grew heavier which put paid to doing anything outside so we waited for Mirinda to come home instead. Mind you, I did scrub out the water feature in the morning. I had to remove lots of horrid little seeds from the filter caused by the laurel hedge which Dave decimated yesterday. After I’d finished, the water was bubbling away like it should.

As an added ‘treat’ here’s some synchronised tail wagging…

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Loved the tail wagging played it 3 times how did they know to do that have you been teaching them. I always thought that when you left school in my case at 14 you gave the NHS well they took it out of your wages for your DR HOSPITAL ECT so how come they are in such a state and why are they touching it. Loved the selfie of you and Freya great pick. Your box looks very fancy and in just the right place.
    Love mum xxxxxxx


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