Another one goes

Kerry left Starbucks today. I remember when she started and I commented on how gloomy she always was. From that point onwards I saw it as my mission to cheer her up. I like to think I managed to…a little bit. Anyway, it was a bit sad but at least I saw her this morning. Mind you she’d been at Hayley’s leaving drinks last night and was looking/feeling somewhat worse for wear.

And maybe that explains the single runner I saw on the way home, left forlorn and lacking a partner on a park bench.

I always wonder how this sort of thing happens. I mean how do you lose one shoe? I get if it’s a baby because it can fall off and out of a stroller but the runner above is almost adult size. Unless it’s from someone with a wooden leg who only needs one.

Just along from the single, lonely shoe, I photographed the digger and unfinished trench left by the Virgin contractors on Thursday – the stuff the Park Ranger was upset about. It seems that they didn’t do anything on Friday.

Weather-wise it was a bit gloomy today but nothing like wet. And the temperature was reasonable. So reasonable that we decided to pop up to Bells Piece for their open garden.

Bells Piece is a facility just off the park and around the corner from us. It provides 24 hour care and support to adults with learning difficulties. It has a lot of poly tunnels that run along the path that I use to get to the gym. Poly tunnels are always being mentioned on The Archers so I was particularly interested in seeing inside them.

Of course we took the girls and a few of the residents were quite taken with them. In fact one guy offered to take the lead and walk them around. Emma was very suspicious but eventually just put up with it as long as he didn’t wander away from us. He suddenly vanished when we were buying out the small plant shop. Not with the dogs, I hasten to add.

Sadly the shop didn’t have any bidens – the first time we found out about bidens was in this shop – but we managed to pick up quite a few bedding plants to add to our burgeoning garden.

All up, it was a lovely day only slightly spoiled by the guy two doors up who, once a year and always on a Sunday, trims his hedge with an electric hedge trimmer. The hedge is over 100 feet long and the noise is continuous and very, very annoying. Just perfect for a peaceful Sunday in the garden.

I guess it was handy that we could go to someone else’s instead.

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