The end of fun…as we know it

Gloriously sunny with a delightfully chill breeze.

A very uneventful walk into the station but arrived to find the waiting room, the ticket office, the platform all full of commuters. Needless to say there’s normally very few. They were even sitting in the car park. It turned out the problem was overlapping engineering works for which Railtrack gets the blame. I stood with the hordes until the 07:25 arrived at 07:55 and then left at 8am.

From the crowd on the platform I thought it would b a fight for a seat but, fortunately the train DID have the usual 12 carriages and so room was plentiful. Oddly enough it wasn’t that late though I’d be a bit pissed off if I’d wanted to catch the 07:25.

Mirinda has hit on a new scheme. Before going to bed she either asks me to wake her at 7am (when I leave) or leave her to her slumber. This she has done for a long time so, no change there. However, the new twist is that in the morning a very small piece of her brain switches on with only enough power to say “Don’t wake me!” and then immediately shuts down again. I think it’s cute.

Speaking of cute…the puppies were not as boisterous this morning. They both curled up ON me and slept until I put them outside when I left.

Work was quite busy today for a change. After lunch, Chris call us (QA and TA) into a meting room to tell us to stop playing games because other people will get the wrong idea in the current employment climate. Not a problem, of course, but Terry, Martyn and Lucia weren’t there and I bet they don’t get the same lecture.

An email came round on Monday (or Tuesday) regarding a Golf Day (apparently Adam Singer had agreed to it during a Broadtalk) which was sent to all users. Not a problem, obviously except it’s taking place on a Friday. Those wishing to enter the competition will have take a holiday day! But it’s a bit much at the moment. If you can be spared from the office to play golf doesn’t that mean you’re going to ‘at risk?’ And we can’t occasionally play games and generally have fun. Hey ho, down we go.

Nicole’s reaction was as expected: total indignation and a ban on fun. So I guess that spells the end of Grand Theft Auto…and we were so close to the end.

Finished Riding with Ghosts to find it didn’t cover her entire journal; it ended at the Mexican border. And like the Seinfeld joke, a sequel notice appeared followed by the first 20 pages of the next book. A shame because I was really enjoying it. I’ll start Bill Bryson’s Walk in the Woods.

Mirinda was on my train so I got a ride home, which was a relief because my bag weighed a ton.

Puppies were very glad to see us.

I made some biscuits tonight for Mirinda – cardamom and maple.

Mirinda had her annual wages chat today with PC etc and a BIG SURPRISE. Her new wage, starting next week will be £50,000 – it includes her new position supplements.

To celebrate we had some rather pathetic sausages and mash for dinner…but the biscuits were nice.

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