The slow escape

A note was left by our front door today. It was good it wasn’t pushed through the letter box because Emma would have taken it, eaten it and left it somewhere mysterious. Had that happened, I’d have not known about it.

But what’s its name?

A house down the road has lost its beloved tortoise. I don’t think it will get to us for quite a few days so I’m not seriously looking yet.

The other side of the note has the address but not the tortoise’s name. How am I going to call it if I see it? What if I find the wrong tortoise? And, how come they have such a good photo of it? And what gender is it? So many questions!

Another big question is why is Freya scared of logs?

As we walked up the Avenue of Trees today on the hottest day of the year (so far) Freya suddenly spotted a small section of tree that someone had left, standing upright, on the grass.

Freya came to a complete stop, her body stiffened and she started her low, weird growl (the one she usually reserves for squirrels). I walked her over to it but she refused to get too close. Emma gave it a passing glance then returned to the contemplation of her tennis ball. It was very odd. Even for Freya.

As we entered the park I noticed that the creeping advance of the Virgin broadband fibre optics is moving ever onward. It has reached our entrance to the park. I’m wondering how much further it will go.

Broadband delivery

Back when I was working at Telewest (which was bought by Virgin) I bemoaned the fact that we couldn’t take advantage of the massive staff discount for the cable service. In the days before Netflix, it was all Telewest, NTL (both cable) or Sky (satellite). Because we were in a non-cable area, Sky was our only option and, of course, we had to pay full price. Not that I mind paying full price for stuff but it was a pain when I worked for them.

Anyway, we don’t need it now that it’s finally arrived. Irony, eh?

While the guys on their little digger were busy digging up the path, I was busy digging up the final conifers and moving them up the back of the garden. I then planted up a few things before collapsing with the heat.

It was hotter today than it was yesterday so I worked only in places on the terrace where the sun didn’t shine. I also drank gallons of water, replacing the copious gallons I was losing.

For dinner I decided to attempt to make soba noodles and duck. It was long and laborious but delicious. Most of the work was because I had to make the All Purpose Soba Broth. Now I have a big jug full, tomorrow will take about ten minutes.

Memories of Kyoto
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2 Responses to The slow escape

  1. Mirinda says:

    How extraordinary about the tortoise

    How weird about Freya

  2. Mum Cook. says:

    Hope you have found the Tortoise by now, poor thing. Yes that is very weird about Freya may be she could see something crawling up the side that put her off. Hope your dinner was nice hum hum . Love mum xx

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