Toy story

Today a parcel arrived addressed to Freya Cook. Obviously a birthday present, I called her to me so I could unwrap it for her. Of course I could have given it to Emma because she’s very good at unwrapping things whereas Freya is frightened of things that make a noise…like paper.

I opened the small parcel to reveal a strange looking yellow cat (not real, I hasten to add) which had ‘Freya’ written across it’s back. I showed Freya. She wagged her tail. Emma sat eyeing the cat with a proprietorial hunger in her eyes.

I took them across the extension and told them to sit. I then placed the cat in the middle of the rug. I then told them to…well, here’s what happened:

The video was longer but I used an app to rotate it and most of it was deleted. Needless to say I won’t be using THAT app again! (Stupid carbon rod.) That explains why I’m cut off mid-sentence. What happened next is that Emma took the cat outside with Freya following. Emma then played with the cat while Freya stood watching, dazed and confused.

It’s nothing personal, she just doesn’t lay with things. She never has unless she wants to attract Emma’s attention.

Apart from birthday present shenanigans, the day was lovely. Mirinda worked on her DBA (and the article she hopes to get published) while I just generally faffed about.

After lunch we went into Farnham so Mirinda could pick up her new glasses while I bought a Japanese recipe book. We then went to the garden centre to buy some plants for the gardeners to plant on Monday.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    She is so funny never mind she will play with it some time. shame i only got to see a little bit of the video next time. Posted a parcel for you and Miranda this morning about a week and half. Love mum xxxxx


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