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Maison Blanc is a French patisserie chain. The one in Farnham, in the Borough, was where I would occasionally (before the lo-carb regime kicked in) buy two almond croissants as a Sunday treat. Maison Blanc make the BEST almond croissants.

Imagine my surprise when today I saw that Maison Blanc has closed down. All the shelves were bare, staff there were none, the place had a very abandoned look about it. I guess there’s just too many cake places in Farnham.

Talking about the Borough…the entire corner with Castle Street was closed off this morning by a huge drainage truck. The big sucker of a machine was chugging away drawing up whatever nasty stuff lives under the pub. The traffic wasn’t very happy with the situation but the pedestrians had access to a lane in order to walk around the truck.

There seemed to be an inordinate amount of men standing around in bright jackets, smiling and exchanging jokes as the sucking went on. It had all gone by the time I returned, much later in the day.

I had a Talking Newspaper session today, the Alton recording which is the late one. As I reached the West Street cemetery the traffic was a nightmare. Cars were parked all over the place, like a slapdashy car park. I could vaguely see a group of people near a grave so I guess it was a funeral. Given the number of cars, I can only assume it was an important or very popular person who was known for not parking very well.

When my team turned up at the studio all three of them were talking about the traffic problems after Bob’s favourite roundabout (Coxbridge for the uninformed).

The recording went well. I had a new reader today (this was her second session) and she quickly slotted into the chaos and craziness that is one of my recordings. In fact, while she started quite withdrawn, she was soon laughing and joking with the rest of us. We all had a lot of fun.

Back at home I found Mirinda home early from work. A lovely (though very warm) day.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Was that the cake shop where Coral bought the cake to take back to your place you know David and Coral. Thats a shame if it was. Do you remember the funeral you and I saw with the horse’s with black plumes. I am reale glad you are back at the newspaper they must have missed you. Love mum xxxx

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