Grey gone

Just before we left for Oz and Japan, I dyed my hair. It’s not often you are away long enough for it to need re-doing when you get back. Six weeks, though, is about right. So today I dyed my hair.

I also had an unscheduled nap in the afternoon because I’ve suddenly caught a cold. Just sniffles and a sore throat but enough to keep me awake most of last night. Actually, rather than the cold, I was kept awake by a continuous nightmare involving a holiday in Thailand. I can’t remember any other details but it was frightening.

Lack of sleep and my first walk in the park for yonks both conspired to send me off to Snoozyland. I was woken up when Mirinda called. Disorientated, I had no idea what the noise was until a little more wakefulness cleared my head. The other day I changed my ring tone (it was the Theme from Dexter; it’s now the theme from Rick & Morty) and at first I thought Freya had decided to watch something on the telly.

The park, by the way, looked glorious in its lush greenness. This is my favourite time in the park; all the life has returned and the world is beautifully peaceful.

Squirrel Tree has almost disappeared behind greenery. The last time I posted a picture of the Squirrel Tree it was stark and lifeless (apart from the squirrels) now it just shouts life.

Back at home Freya had a bit of a stand-off with a squirrel in the garden. It was on the floating table and she raced out onto the terrace to have a go at it with her silly little growly barky noise, as she does. The squirrel ran up the tree and stood safely ensconced in a fork, hissing and carrying on at Freya. This just made Freya shake with fury and make louder growly barky noises. It was very funny.

When Freya gave up, the squirrel returned to the floating table.

The day was so beautiful, it was almost enough to make me forget the atrocity that struck Manchester last night when a dead moron decided it would further his cause by killing little girls. At least he’s dead.

Then, later in the day, I heard that Roger Moore died. I remember how much Kim Evans (from high school) thought he was Roger Moore. It was the time of The Persuaders and, of course, I had to be Tony Curtis. I know what happened to Roger but I sometimes wonder what happened to his doppelganger, Kim.

I forgot to add a photograph of my Yakuta which I bought in Kyoto.


So comfortable, so light, so Japanese. Now where is the public bath?

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    You look like a Japanese dressed in that yakuta special since you did your hair. its very nice. The squirrel tree looks lovely so green, That Freya yes I was a bit shocked to hear Roger Moor had died I never heard that he was even sick. I went to dinner with the gang tonight and sharyn had a photo of her and I at the party Chris didn’t know my Face book so put it in Sharyns the first time I had seen it tonight I read your comment thank you. Love mum xxxxx


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