Lincoln City

That’s who the Shots are playing tonight. And, yes, it’s another Nicktor Night. I thought it was dinner down the pub and a couple of movies but, no, it’s football! Let’s hope there’s no fog tonight and the rain goes away.

After yesterday’s lovely weather, it was back to grey and gloomy today. So, apart from the usual trip to the shops after chatting to mum & dad, I’ve been busy with the housework, only opening the door for Day-z to go to the toilet.

She actually understands the word ‘toilet’. I open the door. She looks up at me. I say “toilet” and she trots outside and goes. Amazing. Handy with her incontinence though. Mirinda calls her Miss Pissy Wissy, for obvious reasons.

Speaking of Mirinda, she was shmoozing with the elite today, having breakfast at the House of Commons (mum asked if she was mixing with the Lords until I reminded her that they are in the House of Lords…the clue is in the name, mum). For work, obviously. Her ex-boss was there. I’ve not yet heard what happened.

I posted mum’s present today using the automated post office machine. I much prefer the machine as there’s always a queue in our post office. You touch the screen, answer some queries, pop the item on the scales and then pay. You then stick bits of paper all over the item then pop it in the Post & Go box. It’s all over in next to no time. For some reason (techno-fear, I assume) most people prefer to queue up. I laugh at them as I leave.

The same at Sainsbury’s. They have automatic scanning things so you can pick and scan your own groceries. Of course, I’d never do that in Waitrose as I do enjoy my chats with Julie (and the other Waitrose ladies) but at Sainsbury’s…well, I don’t know anyone and rarely shop there anyway. I like pretending I’m a check-out chap. Naturally I get irritated when the barcode doesn’t read, just like the professionals. The thing is, it’s a lot quicker. If I’m going to spend time waiting, I’d rather do it in my lounge room.

An automatic machine I’m not that keen on is the coffee machine at the Science Museum. The coffee is ok, I guess, but it takes forever and sometimes only dispenses drinks I don’t want because the coffee bit is being deep cleaned by some internal machinery. It’s quite frustrating. Still, a small price to pay, I suppose.

And so, it’s off to the Rec tonight to, hopefully, cheer the Shots to victory. Here’s hoping I don’t get too wet.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Gary Charles you are getting to cheeky( to your poor old mum)
    Dad seems to be better on those new tablets all ready.
    I don’t think we have those machine’s out here yet, it would be good as our post office is always busy.
    love mum


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