Caloundra coffee culture

The other day Mirinda and I introduced mum to her newest friend. Oddly enough we’d never heard of him before. Still, she sees him once a night now and they’re very happy together.

Unfortunately, while mum’s new friend helps her sleep, he doesn’t do anything for other aches and pains…well, not in the minute amounts that mum sees him in. Yesterday morning mum woke up with back ache. This morning it was still there so, at 8:30, she rang the doctor and booked an appointment. Unfortunately the only one she could get was at 4:50 this afternoon.

Yesterday Denise and Trace arranged to come over after work (to say goodbye and get me to connect Tracey’s new camera to her phone) and this had to be finely organised following the acquisition of the appointment with the doctor. After a few text messages back and forth it was agreed that Denise would drive us to the doctor and Tracey would arrive once we’d returned. It caused a bit of a storm in a teacup but otherwise went quite smoothly.

In the morning, however, we walked up to Bulcock Street so that mum could fill her regular prescriptions which subsequently fill up the hundreds of little slots in her daily pillbox.

It was while we were waiting for the prescription to be made up that mum had a monster-sized cup of tea at Gloria Jeans. I reckon it could hold more than a storm.

Enough to make you wee for a week

My usual latte was perfect (both in size and in flavour) as I told the very pleasant barista, Georgia.

This is the first time I’ve been in Gloria Jean’s in Caloundra. In fact mum didn’t even know it was there. Which reminds me…there’s an awful lot of cafes in Caloundra these days. It would be impossible to visit them all unless you lived here. And yet there’s only two pubs…that I know of.

After walking back we had a very leisurely rest of the day. I finished reading the second Sharpe novel yesterday and have started on Kate Mulgrew’s autobiography. One of the great things about having a lot of time to do nothing is I get to read a lot…which I did.

Denise turned up and we headed up to the doctor who told mum she had a normal back ache that had nothing to do with her knees. He also told her he’d like to make her knees a category one but it wasn’t up to him; it was the hospital that made them merely category three. He prescribed her some painkillers and we three returned home.

Tracey and Bob turned up and I had a jolly good fiddle with her new SLR camera before, eventually (it took a while) getting it to connect to her phone. I also showed her how to photograph the non-existent moon. I’m nothing if not inventive.

Eventually they all left and mum and I settled in for our last night. We watched Morse and I despaired over the ads. (I particularly despise the ad across the bottom of the screen telling you what you’re watching then what’s coming next. I remember when they did that during Doctor Who on the BBC years ago. It caused so much uproar that it never happened again. At least during my time watching broadcast TV. Maybe they do it in the UK now. I find it appalling.)

On that note…I’ll finish with Caloundra’s new motto:

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Wow I have not been on my computer as Gary was on there most of the day so said to him don’t worry I will read all the blogs when you have gone so this was the last one. We all had a lovely time together and hope it is not to long before we are together again.
    Love mum xxxx

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