Yellow flowers

Sometimes you get a day where the world just carries on while you sit (or lie) and completely ignore it. Sometimes days like that just happen without any interference. Or intent. And that’s the kind of day we had today.

While Mirinda was wandering the frilly, smelly shops of Tambourine Mountain, I sat listening to ABC Jazz (because there appears to be only six radio stations, four of which are foreign and another a bit modern for Mum) and drinking coffee.

Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit. We did drive down to Sunland so I could buy yet another suitcase – a nice bright one with parrots all over it. We also went for a coffee at the Creepy Guy Cafe while we were there, which was lovely…and not creepy.

In the afternoon, we went for a short, fruitless walk down Bulcock Street looking for a non-existent cable…which we didn’t find. While on our way Mum interrupted Cathy at her tax so she could say hello to me. Half eating her lunch and between clients, she was thrilled.

And that was about it.

Though there was quite a bit of fanfare action as Tracey, Denise and Loris texted Mum throughout most of the day making arrangements for tomorrow and commenting on the remarkable reliability of Australia Post – a letter Mum sent to Tasmania took only six months.

It was such a lazy day, I only managed one photograph so here’s some lovely yellow flowers in a tree quite close to Mum’s place:

And one other thing…whenever I see someone wearing trackies outside I’m reminded of Seinfeld when Jerry tells a track-suited George that it’s a sign that you’ve given up; that you just don’t care anymore. I agree completely with this sentiment and would never do it myself. So it was with great joy that I spotted this photograph on Facebook today. How could I do anything less than copy it and put it on here?

So, for all the losers who’ve just given up…

The truth outfit

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2 Responses to Yellow flowers

  1. Mirinda says:

    Apparently that same tree is in Fiona’s garden and I asked her about it only today. Fi is gib smacked at the coincidence.


  2. Mum Cook says:

    Lovely lovely day love mum xx

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