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YOUNG GUY WORKING AT GYM: You look like you’re on holiday!
ME: My whole life is a holiday.
ME: Except when I’m here. It’s here that I do a lot of work.

Today, standing at the check-out in Waitrose, I spotted a magazine I’ve never seen before. It appears to round-up all manner of news into a weekly digest. The news is taken from all sorts of newspapers in a form handy for hard working people who don’t get to read a paper every day…when they really want to.

Anyway, I not only don’t buy newspapers, I also don’t normally buy magazines but the cover of this one made it irresistible.

As ‘cute’ as it is, I’m not sure the analogy works very well.

The story is around a speech Tony Blair gave last week regarding the stupidity of Brexit and how the Remain voters should (metaphorically) rise up and (not so metaphorically) make a lot of noise. A lot of current politicians have said he’s completely out of time given the referendum was quite a while ago and our leaving is a foregone conclusion. I have no idea if Theresa May has said anything because we rarely hear from her.

I’ve tried to put the story (satirically or otherwise) into Alice and have come up with this:

At this point in the story, Alice is confused and looks to the Cheshire Cat for guidance but the Cheshire Cat is cryptic in its advice and Alice is none the wiser. This would imply that our PM is looking to a previous PM for advice on how she should move forward. The previous PM is happy to comply but serves only to confuse Alice. Alice, eventually, goes her own way and discovers the wonders for herself…including some pretty scary stuff. She’s fortunate it’s just a dream. Sadly Brexit is not.

Really thinking about it, Alice is generally just a spectator of the things going on around her so, perhaps, the cover is stating that Theresa May is a cipher for other, stronger powers who want to control the strings rather than play the puppet.

The Alice on the cover, arms folded, appears to be wondering how she can get the cat out of the tree without calling the Fire Brigade..

Flicking through the magazine (which seems a great way to get the weekly news) I came across this delightful story.

I wonder if he was a Trump voter…or is it just a Texan thing?

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Loved it but what an idiot it might have worked and killed him then he wouldn’t have got anything. love mum xxxx

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