The poodles’ first bath

They both hated it, as only dogs who are quite happy to jump in smelly muddy puddles can do. Afterwards they both had a thorough brushing from Mirinda turning them into fluffy, soft, nice smelling puppies.

I finished the shelves for my herbs and set it just outside then kitchen window, up against the back of the lean-to. It’s stained blue and looks quite rustic. This WAS the intention. However I have more herbs so really need to build another one. The fence supposedly goes up on Tuesday so better hurry.

The rain drizzled most of the day except every now and then when we were bathed in sunshine.

Popped over to Folly Hill to check all was okay. It was. We really need to put a bunger up the realo’s arse to get it moving. Mirinda is looking at viewing a couple of places near work this week and it would be good to have the money to make an offer.

I made muffins – first time in the oven. They turned out yummo…as usual.

Mirinda was marking most of the day with occasional breaks. The dogs and I had a terrific time.

Mike next door went a bit mad with his whipper snipper doing the side of the drive near the potato field. I felt annoyed every time he made a noise.

It makes me wonder why people say they don’t want to be rude when it’s exactly what they’re going to be. Are we to believe that they are doing it against their wishes?

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