Weekend visitors continued

We had fears of finding a wide awake Tom sitting in the extension glued to his iPad this morning. These fears were completely unfounded as he didn’t wake up until much later. Clearly he was still recovering from the audio version of War and Peace.

Conversely, I was awake at 7 and cooking up a batch of oopsie rolls by 8 ready for breakfast. This week, as a special treat (because we no longer eat breakfast) I served it with bacon AND guacamole. Now this was a breakfast to savour. (I don’t often rave about my own cooking but this was truly delicious.)

To explain, Mr Noodle is the name of Sophie and Tom’s soon to be puppy. They want to get a Labrador and Mr Noodle is Tom’s choice of name. I think it’s a brilliant name though Sophie was a bit concerned with how she’d be calling out “Mr Noodle!” in public every time he ran off. I assured her he’d just as easily respond to Noodle…though it would be deliriously funny.

After breakfast and a bit of a lay about, we decided to go for a walk right around Farnham Park, something we don’t often do of a weekend. And boy was it crowded. It took us three times as long as normal because of all the dogs and owners we had to chat to on the way.

There were quite a few cocker-poos as well as the usual assortment of other breeds. We also met Dexter, the long-john wearing cocker-poo. Sophie instantly quizzed his owner about the outfit, giving it a huge thumbs up for keeping him clean and relatively dry. Sophie wanted to know if they came in big sizes like, for instance, a Labrador.

Her grin grew when the woman enthusiastically replied that they come in every conceivable size though I’m fairly certain you couldn’t get one for a pony. I did mention how handy the long-johns would be to guard against FSI’s which made Sophie even more willing to embarrass her future dog.

She also wants to get booties for Mr Noodle. This announcement caused great amusement and, hopefully, she’s gone off the idea. As well as the dog bag one (putting the post-walk Mr Noodle in one) and the water cannon one (she was intent on giving Mr Noodle a massive hose down whenever they returned from a walk). She does cause a lot of hilarity.

We stopped, just as Sophie was giving up any hope of us stopping at all, and went to the golf course cafe for a much needed tea/latte/hot chocolate (and a chocolate muffin for Tom).

While I was sitting outside with the girls, talking to Tom – Mirinda and Sophie were in a very long and laborious queue in the cafe – I spotted what I thought was a free Freya, bounding along the verandah. I quickly looked down only to find Freya looking up at me. This other dog was the spitting image of our little monkey though, on closer examination I realised it didn’t have the same dual colour ear action. Still, it was very weird.

While we waited, Tom told me how excited he is about going to Senior School next year. His name is down (has been for ages, he told me) for a place in Bath where three of his closest friends are also going. It’s hard to believe he’ll be 12 this year.

I had noted yesterday how he’s suddenly grown taller. Sophie was amazed but then she does see him every day. We haven’t seen them since just before Christmas and he’s grown since then.

Back at the house (“At last!” Gasped Sophie, prompting me to wonder how she’s going to go walking Mr Noodle twice a day) we sat around until it was time for them to leave for the station to go home. Although the traffic and the lights and a general plethora of ambulances tried to keep us from getting them there in time, we made the train by five minutes.

The rest of the day was spent in General Recovery Mode.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Tell Tom I loved the dancing , sounded like a lovely weekend for you all.
    love mum xx


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