Weekend visitors

Generally our dining guests will arrive, eat then leave. Sometimes they leave a long time after they arrive but they do leave. That all changed this weekend.

Mirinda had a message from Sophie last week asking if they could come to tea on Saturday night, staying overnight and going home to Bath on Sunday. While this was a very odd request, naturally Mirinda said yes. So, this evening, Sophie and Tom turned up for tea.

It was while Mirinda was introducing Sophie to our interpretation of Hygge that we all realised they’d never seen the house at night. This seemed a bit odd but delighted Mirinda because she could give Sophie a tour of the whole house. Again. Sophie made all the appropriate sounds.

Over dinner of foamy chicken Sophie explained why they were staying overnight. She had an appointment in Wimbledon that didn’t finish until late so, rather than get home to Bath at an ungodly and make-Tom-grissly time, she figured it made more sense to visit us and go home at their leisure on Sunday. We all thought this was an excellent idea.

Following our candlelit, Hygge intensive dinner, Mirinda and Sophie retired to the library for a chat in front of the open fire while Tom and I watched the very funny Guardians of the Galaxy. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’d already watched it (a couple of weeks ago) because it’s become his favourite film and he was on the edge of expectation of my enjoying it just as much as he did.

And I did. It’s such a funny film and, dare I say it, funnier the second time around. (There’s a nice tie-in with Santa Clarita Diet which features an ‘authentic’ piece of Groot in one episode which I’d not have understood had I not seen the film.) We laughed ourselves hoarse. And deaf in my case.

After the film is was time for Tom to go to bed. Sophie told us she was going to read him to sleep. Tom duly said goodnight and disappeared upstairs. I started cleaning up while we waited for Sophie to reappear.

I’d finished the cleaning up and while Mirinda read some stuff about our upcoming trip to Japan, was listening to some Dr Hook, reliving a little bit of the 1970’s. Eventually, as the clock moved from Saturday into Sunday morning we wondered how much Sophie was actually reading to Tom. Perhaps she’d decided he’d like the entire War and Peace before closing his eyes for the night.

Our eyes were closing and we decided we may as well go up as well. Upstairs we found the pink and blue room doors firmly shut with nary a sound coming from either room. We went to bed.

Hygge at home

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2 Responses to Weekend visitors

  1. Dawn says:

    How nice to be able to use the phrase, “retired to the library”! In our house the closest we get is, “retired to the good room”.

  2. Mum Cook says:

    That was a good weekend Sophie was very tired I think. and yes I agree with Dawn how nice to say retired to the library.
    Love mum xxx

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