Cockerpoo party

Today Storm Doris hit the UK. According to the Met bureau, ever since they started naming storms, people have taken better precautions against them. I guess that makes sense though naming a storm ‘Doris’ doesn’t sound very threatening.

Even so lots of trees were blown over and a few people died (one person died when the roof of a car port fell on her) but it could have been a lot worse. In the park I stayed clear of the trees and kept Freya away from them (not easy and pretty constant) given the debris resulting from the morning winds.

There was also a bit of torrential rain but we were inside for that.

In the park we met Teddy. He’s a cockerpoo who looks like someone crossed Emma and Freya. He was very keen on our two which Freya enjoyed and Emma put up with. Then, while talking to Teddy’s owner, we met two more cockerpoos both of whom were similar colouring to Emma but a bit darker (so not as beautiful but just as cuddly). They were bitches from the same litter and were 8 months old.

Teddy was in heaven with his four girls. Well, except for Emma who decided if we weren’t going home she was going to lie down and wait for the shenanigans to finish.

We’d gone for an early walk because I was meeting Dawn for lunch. We’d decided on The Giggling Squid because I’ve been keen to see inside the place that was once part Chinese restaurant, part dress shop and took about a year to complete. Dawn had already eaten at the Guildford branch (it’s a small chain) and said she enjoyed the food and I’d also heard from Luke who’d favoured the Brighton one.

The food was good, the company excellent and the decor pretty amazing.

Their ‘thing’ is a sort of tapas inspired presentation whereby you get four small dishes of different meals rather than one big one to share. It works really well and the food was delicious. Unlike real tapas though, you can’t select the individual meals to have as they have already been organised in the group of four. Though there’s six groups of different meals to choose from.

Dining aside, I haven’t seen Dawn for ages (as usual) so we had a lovely catch up talking about lo-carb food, secret dining and the evils of illegal downloading. It was lovely with the added bonus of being served by a waitress originally from the Gold Coast…though she hastened to add that she was born in Sydney.

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3 Responses to Cockerpoo party

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Well that must have been like old home time does Dawn still go to the Weasles outings. love the doggie story I saw the two here yesterday that look like Freya and Emma I thought they were the ladies but she just walks them for her friends.
    Love mum xxxxxx

  2. Dawn says:

    I always say this, but we should do it more often! Probably see you again in six months’ time then…

    Hi Mum Cook. How are you? Hope all is well in Oz. I haven’t been to a Weasels outing for yonks. Looking forward to seeing you when you’ve over here!

  3. Mum Cook says:

    Hi Dawn, yes I am looking forward to seeing you too that’s if I make it put in for an opp so hope it happens before I leave Gary will tell you all about it. Hi to the boys and Nicktor. love Mum Cook X


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