More Meatballs

Sophie and Tom came over for a visit on Saturday. In order to celebrate the possibility of seeing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs again, I decided to serve Moroccan meatballs in a tomato based sauce. I also whipped up a batch of almond fingers which is, apparently, Mirinda’s favourite pastry treat from the kitchen of Chez Gaz.

They arrived all rugged up (it’s been an icy week of chilly winds and frigid temperatures) and sent the poodles into hysterics, closely followed by Tom. They settled themselves in the lounge to warm up as I prepared lunch. Actually, Sophie and Mirinda settled down. Tom came out to enquire about the progress of the meal every ten minutes.

Finally, lunch was served and, to my taste buds anyway, was delicious. We then adjourned to the lounge where Tom triumphantly waved our favourite movie in the air and asked if it could be put on. How could I possibly say no? I’d been looking forward to it for days. Another chance to perhaps garner a little more of the plot and dialogue.

We settled down on the short lounge and watched it right through. Sadly, not a lot of dialogue was heard as the grown-ups were talking and we had to have the volume right down. Still, I did get some more out of it. And, having just had meatballs, it gave extra emphasis when they started falling from the clouds.

Eventually it was time for them to go. We decided to walk via the Bush Hotel (Sophie’s favourite coffee place in Farnham, apparently) and, of course, Tom had to play on the swings as we walked right passed them. I thought he looked rather fetching in his stripy hoodie – Sophie proudly stated he’d had it since he was one and had grown into it.

Tom, ready for the winter chills

You couldn’t lose him in a crowd wearing that! I was told to be quiet about it because I was saying teasing things and Sophie wants him to keep wearing it until he leaves for uni.

After the swings, Tom’s legs insisted they couldn’t walk any further so he was hoisted up onto my shoulders for the rest of the trip. At least as far as the Lion and Lamb, anyway. Here he spotted the three bears which are always hanging around outside Orbis. He remembered the last time he cuddled them when he was as big as the baby bear. He wanted to get down and re-quaint himself with their soft fluffiness.

The pins and needles attacking his legs didn’t inconvenience him for too long and he soon raced over to see how he’d grown. He is now up to mummy bear!

Tom pretending to be Goldilocks

It was then on to the Bush Hotel where the lounge was as full as full can be. We’ve never seen it so full. So we went into the bar, where it wasn’t, and had a lovely (if rushed) cup of tea. Rushed because we had to quickly leave for the station so they could get their train home.

Here’s a photo Tom took of me while we were at the swings. He almost managed to get me in the frame.

Tom's portrait of me

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    My goodness Tom has grown up not a baby any more but a school boy. Yes a pity he didn’t get you all in the shot.
    love mum

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