Sea and sand

Today I made oopsie rolls. So named because the person who first made them accidentally used cream cheese instead of something else, oopsie rolls are a lo-carb bread alternative. Basically they are eggs but in another form. The other thing they are is delicious.


We had them with bacon for a lovely lo-carb breakfast. I’ll have to work on presentation and a lo-carb tomato relish for next time. Definitely an addition to the Chez Gaz menu.

Afterwards Mirinda announced that we should go to the beach.

She’d been chatting to Bob on Skype and heard all about the horrendous heatwave they’re having at the moment (but, at least, there’s no climate change in Oz…imagine how bad THAT would be).

Play golf when it’s 44 degrees? Bob did. At least he won.

Thusly inspired, Mirinda decided we should go to the beach.

The puppies, thinking we were just popping over to Frensham or Hankley, happily leapt into the back seat. Not quite so happily, one of them threw up at some stage of the hour drive to West Wittering. I think it was Freya but, who knows. Both of them were equally happy to get out at the other end.

And so, suitably attired, we hit the sand.

The traditional Victorian at the beach

I should add that the weather was bitterly cold, the sky was grey and foreboding (most of the time) and there were hundreds of people doing exactly the same thing as we were.

The dogs had a great time. I’m not sure if Sue has taken them to the beach before but it’s the first they’ve been to the beach with us. They drank some sea water then decided it wasn’t very nice then stopped. This is usually an indication that they’ve not tried it before.

We walked all the way around the head and back to the carpark. It was glorious, if somewhat wild at times.

The puppies managed to bring home about half the beach in their overgrown hair. Particularly Emma. But there was no vomiting.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    You lucky things Bob is right we were 36 yesterday the hottest for 150 year so they tell us it is the hottest since I have lived in Caloundra and that for nearly 30 years hope we don’t have any more for a very long time. It has been hotter in Sydney and we are suppose to be the hottest in Australia they had 46 and 48 last week burnt a whole town e days ago. Mirinda is certainly done up for Iceland lol . The dogs are funny but must feel weird on there paws. Your rolls looked very appertiseing .
    love mum xxxx

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