I don’t get how people think they have more right to space in an aircraft than other people. Apart from the fact that there’s more than enough signage indicating the size and quantity of hand luggage allowed, some people just seem to think they are more important than everyone else.

This was very clearly pointed out to us on the plane trip home today. After a very early start and taxi to the airport, we took our seats. The last person on the plane was a huffy puffy little man with two cases (one of them larger than the required size) and a stuffed full suit bag. He set to roaming the cabin, looking for a bit of space for his precious bags.

The hostess suggested he put at least one of them in the hold but he said he wanted them with him. That sounds like it was a proper, polite conversation but he didn’t actually look at her because he was busy organising some other guy’s luggage so he could fit his in. The hostess then told him he had too much and it would have to go in the hold. He ignored her and stuffed his bags into nooks and crannies.

These days, with print your own tickets, you don’t need to go to the check-in desk. If you don’t want to put anything in the hold you can just go straight to security. So it’s not like an over burdened passenger could be pulled up at this initial stage. However, at the gate, it would be very easy to pull him aside and insist his excess luggage goes into the hold. It shouldn’t be left for the hostess to valiantly attempt to appeal to his better nature…of which he clearly had none.

Anyway, apart from that little blip, the flight home was fine though half an hour late because the plane was late getting in to Barcelona.

Where’s the plane???

There was a bit of a wait at Heathrow because we didn’t recognise our taxi driver (Carol had organised another guy to pick us up) but eventually we reached home. After going shopping we went and picked the girls up. Apparently one of them had had an upset tummy overnight but they were both hale and hearty after seeing us.

We settled in for the night, glad to be home but missing tapas.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Well goodbye Barcelona for you the second time.
    Love mum xxxx


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