BioSteel goats

I feel like I have to say that I do rather like the new London buses. When I say ‘new’ I mean the new Travelmaster buses that have been around from 2012, at least. I might be a bit slow on the uptake but I’ve been on them for the last few Fridays given I’ve not been at work and have travelled up towards Euston Station…where they seem to predominantly be.

This week was no different in that, because I wasn’t at work, I went to a museum. I visited the Wellcome Collection which is on Euston Road.

Although I’d never been before, I had seen a lot of Wellcome stuff because the Science Museum holds a lot of it.

Actually I wanted to see a particular exhibition but it finished last weekend so I just visited Sir Henry’s permanent collection.

In an exhibition called The Medicine Man, the visitor is taken through the various aspects of Henry Wellcome’s collection. There’s the amazing collection of glass jars at the beginning…

…and the mummified Peruvian at the other.

In between there are some amazing pictures (including a Bosch copy of the Garden of Good and Evil), false limbs from many eras, medical weaponry and memento mori of all sorts including a couple of rather appealing skeletons with their shovels.

After learning about Sir Henry, I went to the Making Nature exhibit next door (no photos allowed). It was an amazing look at nature as man has changed it. Apart from the incredibly hilarious stuffed squirrels playing cards there was also some amazing stuffed foxes.

Actually the sleeping but stuffed fox, badger and barn owl were all pretty extraordinary. They looked like they were just asleep and would move off at any moment.

I was most astounded by the BioSteel goats. These have been genetically modified so that they can give milk from which can be obtained spider silk (don’t ask) which can be used to create a product that is way stronger and more flexible than steel.

Entrance to Wellcome Collection

All round, it was an excellent visit to a museum which I’ve wanted to visit for ages but just haven’t found the time. I’ll definitely be going back.

Now here’s a short video taken on Euston Road…

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    The museum looks great next time take me lol that’s where we caught our bus. and why is the man on the ceiling. love mum xxxxx


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