Sick up and fed

Mary Tyler Moore died today. There was an interview with Dick van Dyke on Radio 4 and he was full of praise for her amazing comic skills.

John Humphrys then asked Dick why he hadn’t worked on his cockney accent during the filming of Mary Poppins. Dick said he was surrounded by Brits at the time and not one of them picked him up on his accent so he figured he had it right. We all know just how wrong he was.

Accents aside, this once wonderful country is going to hell.

When people ask us why we moved here from Oz (because they can’t believe anyone would do such an insane thing) one of the reasons we tell them is the proximity to Europe. While this closeness will always be so, the thinking of the populations seems to be just drifting further and further apart.

At the same time as we are brutally and stupidly severing our ties with our nearest neighbours with whom we share so much history, our PM is off on a jaunt to suck up to the worst US President ever to carry the title. This is even though he is sexist, racist and a strong believer in torture.

Why? I can’t see the sense in all of this nonsense except, of course, it’s all political.

Back a number of years ago, when Cameron wanted to win the election outright for the Tories he promised the country a referendum. He felt this was the only way he could get all those pesky voters from the far right (and beyond). It fed the xenophobic hunger of the evil little scrotes who were dragged out of their dark holes, blinking with evil grins into the sunshine.

The promise of the referendum (to leave the EU) was kept in a locked drawer gone but definitely not forgotten. Many times UKIP politicians demanded he set a date for the referendum. Eventually it all just got too much for poor David and he elected to have it last June.

(Speaking of UKIP…following Trump’s announcement that he had no problem with torturing terror suspects (and I suspect anyone else) the leader of UKIP came out and said he agreed with him. How can anyone justify torture? Unless they’re fascist sadists with a problem with equality I guess.)

But continuing with the story…we all know what happened next. People often say they can remember where they were and what they were doing when Kennedy was shot. Well, I don’t think I’ll forget those details when it comes to the referendum. I was on a boat on the upper reaches of the Thames with Sophie and Tom. And I was crying.

So, finally, here we are. The Pretend Democracy that now inhabits this country has even gone as far as having the leader of the opposition ordering the parliamentary members of his party to not oppose the triggering of Article 50. And very few of them seem to understand why this is not acting for their constituents.

It’s been pointed out a lot of times that a referendum is not a foregone conclusion. The results of a referendum are an indication only. Once collected, the results garnered from them need to be debated in parliament by MPs who know the will of their constituents…supposedly.

Still, few people will read this so what does it matter? Predictions! That’s why it matters.

These are my predictions for a post-Brexit Britain:

  1. Airfares to European destinations will increase.
  2. Roaming phone charges will increase after all the efforts put in to making them reasonable.
  3. The variety of food we’ve come to expect will stop being so easily accessible…and affordable.
  4. Speaking of food…once we’ve agreed to buy food from the US we’ll all be fed poison like chickens washed in chloride and cows fed on corn syrup. Our food is presently checked with great vigour by the EU.
  5. The Court of Human Rights will no longer protect us because the people who wanted to exit much prefer that human rights didn’t exist at all.
  6. World War III.
  7. Okay, the last one might seem a bit extreme but it couldn’t possibly happen while we were in the EU but once we’re out…

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