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I had to Skype mum from the library this morning because I was expecting a delivery. It’s a birthday/Christmas/Hannakah present for Mirinda from Bob.

It arrived while I was Skyping. I considered sending Emma out to receive it but figured she’d just eat the box…so I went instead.

After getting off Skype, I wrestled the box into submission – it was a particularly secure package – and recycled most of it. Then, finally, I hung it between the two plum tree pictures…which reminds me.

India Jane, where we bought the plum tree pictures (and our dining chairs) is undergoing a change of name. I don’t know why but it will now be called Colony Interiors. Personally I think most of the appeal of the place was the name…but I could be wrong. I assume it will still sell the same sort of stuff.

This hanging is merely temporary as I actually need to fix it to the wall rather than hang it from the picture rail but it gives a good idea.

After lunch we headed up to the park where we saw a LOT of dogs. In fact it was the complete opposite of yesterday when we saw none. And I think most of them were male. Emma kept getting a bit upset when I picked her up and dogs kept hanging around us. It was all a bit unsatisfying for all but Freya who just had fun.

In the afternoon I headed back up the back of the garden to start laying the temporary floor for the tool sheds. I was ably assisted by the girls who realised how much I needed them to sit in front of me as often as possible.

I didn’t manage to finish but I laid three rows. The next rows will have to be different bricks (the first ones were leftover pavers) and require a little more digging out first.

Mirinda was in Loughborough today (tonight and tomorrow) at some sort of management thing which doesn’t appear to have any communications. She eventually squeezed a text through by squatting in a corner of the bathroom, the only place she could find even a skerrick of a signal. I guess technology has yet to reach Leicestershire.

(I’m not sure if it’s indicative but the Luddites smashed up a lace making machine in a mill at Loughborough in 1816 during the general push to save jobs.)

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Well what a face Emma she looks so fed up she is going to burst in to tears, bet that’s because you wouldn’t let her play with all the male’s lol love the picture very different cant wait to see it for real. You are doing well in the garden .
    Love mum xxxx PS Dropped my phone the one I use for you so will have to get it fixed take it in Saturday will let you know have a great holiday.


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