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Today climate scientists announced that 2016 was the hottest year on record. They claim that the reason is almost entirely due to man-made greenhouse gases.

While Donald Trump believes that climate change is a Chinese plot (he actually called it ‘bullshit’), the Chinese are wisely working towards being the world leaders in Climate Change Improvers. Not being stupid, the Chinese know that the future of mankind can only happen if the air is breathable. They have a 5 Year Plan (as they traditionally have for all things) and intend to stick to it. This means that China will very easily outstrip the US, leaving them choking and coughing on their fossil fuels.

(Typing Trump’s name forces me to say that calling news you don’t like ‘fake news’ does not make it fake news per se. I realise that should be obvious but some people are so stupid they believe everything they are told. Election and referendum results prove that time after time…after time. With a few days before his inauguration, it’s important to note that he will NOT be the Ruler of the Free World but rather the Emperor of the Stupid.)

I realise this is not really a global problem because there’s no climate change in Australia…or so the government claims. Of course, if they’re wrong, they’ll not be accountable because they’ll no longer be in charge. That’s the problem with short term government.

Interestingly, the CSIRO, in its latest report on Australian climate fluctuations claim that the average temperature has risen a degree since 1910. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, an increase to an average of 6 degrees would be catastrophic for the entire planet and possibly decimate the worlds population.

Further, the CSIRO reports that the sea level has increased and the water around Australia has warmed, increasing acidity and seriously threatening the Barrier Reef. There is a greater frequency of bush fires and serious heat events (Bob said the temperature in Penrith was well over 40 degrees the other day). Rainfall has decreased by up to as much as 19% in some areas and increasing in the north.

But the government doesn’t think there’s a problem. Possibly the government is the problem. Unfortunately the government is responsible for trickling down the general information about the country to the hoi polloi, the majority of whom just believe everything. (See my comment about fake news above.)

Here, in Farnham, the warming of the planet was nowhere in evidence. Here in the south east of Britain, we’re currently experiencing some freezing conditions with very clear skies. I have to say it’s lovely. Hopefully I can read back over this blog in a few years and enjoy the cold in retrospect.

Further cold enjoyment can be found here in this short film about the Queen’s Bottom…

More News from the Park
The tree pictured below is going to be cut down. It has been struck by a killer mushroom and rather than let it gradually rot away from the inside and eventually hit some poor dog on the head, the park managers have decided it has to go. This is good park management.


Rather than leaving a massive front tooth type gap, new trees will be planted to take its place. I’ll update as things change.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Cold give me cold, they said 2016 was the hotes for a centery it certainly was to day. love mum xxxx


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