This was a catch-up entry in a journal entry dated 10 February 2006 and concerns our 2005 Christmas.

I have been very remiss in filling my diary with my exciting life [the previous entry was 29Nov05]. I wont bore you with any details except to say Christmas was lovely – we had Sophie over with little newly born Tariq as well as Karen and Nigel. Sophie stayed with us until the day after Boxing Day when she jetted off to Turkey so she could introduce Tariq to his father.

It didn’t snow.

Karen bought us all far too many pressies…as she always does given her generous nature!

In fact, the only downside was that something happened to my left foot. It swelled up and was extremely painful. Eventually I went to the doctor (not my usual Dr Patton) and she gave me some drugs to reduce the swelling…which they did.

Since then I’ve been back to Dr Patton who took blood and had an x-ray at Haslemere Hospital. Dr Patton also gave me a lot more drugs and told me my test results should be back in ten days. So, two weeks later, I returned. She still had no idea what it was. She did try and convince me it was gout but it isn’t. And it’s not just my word because the tests proved it wasn’t.

So then I was referred to a rheumatoid specialist. God knows when that appointment will be. So I’m on drugs and more pain when I forget to take them.

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