Leaving my whiskers in 2016

Having complained for the last couple of months, Mirinda didn’t notice when I had a shave today. On our way to our New Years Eve restaurant, she suddenly grabbed my chin and exclaimed “You’ve had a shave!” I told her I’d had a shave about six hours ago.

During that six hours I pottered about the house while she worked on her doctorate. At one stage, she asked me to go outside and take a photo of her in the library, fire and bookcases lit. It did look very homey…though the tiles really need to be added around the fire.


The restaurant we went to was the Chesil Rectory in Winchester. We booked it when we went to the Christmas Markets a few weeks ago. We have been before. In fact, Mirinda went there with Fiona when they had their weekend in Winchester back in 2015.

And the food was as you’d expect. The service was excellent and the wine (a Chablis 1st cru) a delight.

Happy New Year

This could easily be the making of a new tradition.

Talking about traditions…after many years, I didn’t watch Hootenanny leading up to midnight, after hearing last year that it isn’t live. Instead we watched a bit of the Robbie Williams gig leading up to the fireworks on the Thames. They were mostly around the wheel and looked great though I have to say, I felt happier sitting in a recliner, watching the hordes on the bank of the river rather than the other way around.

Afterwards I watched the end of Pulp Fiction before heading to bed later than usual but much earlier than the people who had watched the fireworks from the river. Mirinda had already retired.

Let’s hope that 2017 is better than the annus horribilis we’ve just been through.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Hooray you have got rid of the beard now you will be young again. The Library looks great. love mum xxxxxx

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