Managed to get to the butcher by 7am. Unsurprisingly, I was the first customer. Bought the 6.5kg turkey then caught the bus back home.

Denise and Co came over in the afternoon and we all went to Guildford so Drew could see the castle. The gates were due to be locked at 5pm and since it was 3:45, figured we had heaps of time.

We wandered around, saw Alice through the looking glass statue…then realised we were locked in. The guy knew we were there but I reckon he was being a smart arse.

Eventually Peter saved the day by grabbing a safety fence and putting it on its side against the lowest part of the wall and we all clambered over, leaving the ‘ladder’ as a mark of our defiance. If nothing else, it was a great laugh.

We strolled up the High Street but it was now dark so walked back to the cars and went home.

Farelli arrived at 6:30pm.

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