It was rather foggy in the South East today. A lot of planes were delayed (one was delayed for 16 hours from Heathrow to Germany) and there was chaos on the roads. Fortunately I was neither on a plane or in a car.

I was headed into town to finish cleaning the flat ahead of Mirinda’s re-occupation next week. Mirinda is still full of cold and I left her tucked up in bed as I headed out.

It was delightfully quiet on the trip to Canary Wharf. The train was slightly delayed because of signalling problems but it didn’t really matter. I was happy with my book and the train was not crowded or boisterous. I was glad I had my book because, of course you couldn’t see anything outside the train apart from the thick milky fog.

Even the Jubilee line was reasonable as I headed under the river the requisite number of times.

The flat didn’t need a lot of work given I’d managed more than half of it a few weeks ago and I was on my way back almost before I arrived.

Lost in the fog

I stopped off in Farnham in order to buy dinner, medication and soup ingredients and then home.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    That’t how it used to be going to school in fact worse. Good thing Mirinda didn’t go out love mum xxx


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