Earl who?

Today we visited Amanda and Carlos (and Claire who we didn’t know we were meeting and who is a temporary homeless house guest) for lunch. Amanda and Carlos generally feature as Mr & Mrs October in our calendar given they had lunch at ours two years in a row, coincidentally in October. I should add that they didn’t visit us this year for various reasons and so are NOT Mr & Mrs October for 2017…so there’s no point in looking.

At about midday, we settled the dogs down with a fresh ox tail each and headed off for Earlsfield.

The house was very easy to find once we checked the number and avoided knocking at the wrong door. To be fair, we’ve only been once and that was on their wedding day. And it was night. Still, we arrived ten minutes early to be told that Carlos was up the road buying lemons. At first I thought this meant we weren’t allowed in but Amanda assured us it was fine and showed us in. Mind you we weren’t allowed to have a drink until he returned.

After he returned we had a lot of drink. Some people might say that I had too much drink but I’m just going to ignore them.

Carlos and Amanda in the kitchen

Lunch was lovely and somewhat built around a general lack of carbs and sugar though Amanda’s brownies were pretty amazing. The whole meal was quite amazing, actually as was the copious quantity of wine which Carlos insisted I drink.

We heard all about the cage fighter who is presently living in their front room and how racist people are in Portugal as opposed to Angola where, Carlos assured me, I would not be racially abused. He also filled us in on which celebrities are bastards and which are very nice chaps.

He’s presently working as a security guard to the stars. Now I’m not going to write about the bastard film star (though it’s someone you’d never think and Mirinda was shocked) but Cuba Gooding Junior is, according to Carlos, a lovely, lovely fellow.

Carlos and a sensible coffee

I have to say we had a jolly time with lots of laughs, not always in the best of taste and we staggered out at…I have no idea what time it was but the sun had vanished from the sky.

At Surbiton station I once more wondered why little people get their own stairs.

The puppies were very pleased to see us, for the second day in a row.

PS: Debbie Reynolds died today. She had started making the funeral arrangements for Carrie when she had a stroke.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    A lovely day had by all and you never need to much pushing Gary Charles.
    Love mum xxx


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