Three more

Liz Smith (95), Nanna from the Royle Family died followed by Carrie Fisher (60) and Richard Adams the author of Watership Down (96). The roll call for 2016 continues to grow.

In the meanwhilst, it was very busy at Frensham this afternoon. Okay, nowhere near as bad as Petworth yesterday but crowded nonetheless. And a lot of them were in big family packs.

A lot of the packs ignored everyone outside of their own pack. It was very obvious at times. We reckon these were packs of people from town rather the country.

My theory is they don’t want to make eye contact because they think they’re on public transport. Sadly their kids are learning the same behaviour.

Still, we had plenty of interaction with other dog owners, most of them fussing over our two while we reciprocated over theirs. Most of the time it was very jolly.

There was a bit of confusion when a man called his daughter. Her name was Freya and our Freya just stood and stared at the man wondering why he was calling her but paying her no attention whatsoever.

Emma wasn’t confused at all because she could see again.

Mirinda cut the hair away from her face which is always cause for celebration.

Speaking of anatomical removal, I bought Mirinda an angel candle for Christmas. I thought it was very odd. I mean who wants to burn an angel? Except Satan I guess.

Anyway the wick comes out of her head which results in her gradually losing it.

It’s a bit gruesome if you ask me.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yes I think that as well poor Angel pretty colour, I bet Freya was confused . Emma looks good now, love mum xxxxx


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