Everyone’s at Petworth

There was an awful lot of people at Petworth today. It’s important to remember that Boxing Day, when the weather is fine, is a good day to stay at home and go for a walk in the park. If for nothing else then for having somewhere to put Max.

As we approached the entrance to the Petworth Park car park, it was obvious we weren’t getting into a regulation spot. We drove down, beyond the car park entrance and wound up on the grass verge about a mile away. We then had the long walk back.

Interestingly, most of the people were in big clumpy groups and crowding the big main path. The rest of the park, the paths up to the ridges, was almost empty. This was rather good given the way Mirinda looked.

The puppies absolutely loved it. They ran and ran and ran. Emma has this thing where she gets so excited, she runs around then looks back at us with a big grin on her face, tongue lolling as if wanting to make sure we’re enjoying it as much as she is. Freya just jumps about, infected by Emma’s joy, stopping occasionally to bite her head.

Even though we’d taken the paths less travelled, we did see plenty of people with their dogs and the girls spent a lot of the walk making friends and not letting anyone pat them.

We approached the house then veered off just before the lake, up onto the ridge for the walk back to the car. The views from the ridge, where we’d never been before, are fantastic and the trees simply glorious.

It was, after all, a wonderful walk…though we could have done without the crowds which made me think of Regent Street on Christmas Eve.

Petworth Panno
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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Mirinda looks like Sherlock Holmes, and w ell wrap up. xxxlove mum


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