In Waitrose, some of the shopping trolleys have little metal pads upon which a shopper who doesn’t have a smartphone with a shopping app, can clip their shopping list. Sometimes they leave it behind. Here is the one on my trolley this morning.

It’s important to record these archaic forms of communication before they die out completely. I rather like the ‘entertaining’ final items – ‘Wine, water, crisps, cigarette.’ I didn’t know you could still buy single cigarettes. I’ve heard that during the war you could pop into a corner shop and purchase “…a cupla Woodbines please…” And in Scotland you could buy a glass of ginger beer for a penny…but that was a long time ago now.

Mirinda was working from home and I pottered around the house so it wasn’t what you’d call a blog-worthy day. Well, apart from the OPSL that is.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I think that’s great Grandma was always sending me up to get her cigges only she got 5 woodbines and so did Auntie Mollie Stevens. I had a good laugh, Les was the one who went and got the burrow full of coal sometimes I went but it was Saturday and I would have rehearsals Buster had to get the hot bread at the factory then as a treat on a Saturday we all used to go to the ice cream shop with a bowl for Tonys Ice cream ,
    Love mum xxxxx


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