Stood up

So, it didn’t rain today. The BBC promised grey clouds but the sky has been blue as blue can be. Glorious. I had been concerned that my lunch with Dawn may be rained on. Well, it was, really, just not by the weather. I was bumped!

Today was to be a double Cansfield day – Dawn for lunch, Nicktor for the night – but I have been reduced to one. Dawn bumped me for the kids. They had a half day today. What is the education system thinking? Half day? Humph.

Anyway, I have a Nicktor night tonight, which will go some way towards cheering me up. We’re off to see Aldershot and have a few drinks…the usual. First time for yonks. Really looking forward to it.

The park was so lovely, we took full advantage of it and walked the path right around today. This didn’t stop the inevitable FSI, of which both of them partook. Smelly dogs! And they always complain about the bath afterwards. You’d think they’d learn.

Here they are lording it at a culvert:

Carmen & Day-z on the bridge

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2 Responses to Stood up

  1. Mum Cook says:

    That’s a good picture all the colour’s very nice. and great of the dogs as well. cant wait to hear how your night went with Nicktor.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    I think a double cansfield day is a bit much for any man or beast….


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