Terrace terrorist

I tackled the terrace today. I moved everything, cleaned it up then put stuff back. I moved a couple of the trees around (following explicit instructions) and washed the table top. There was about four barrows full of leaves and compost to wheel up the back as well as various hospital plants.

It was the perfect day for it. The sun was bright, the sky was deepest blue, the air was still. I toiled away, the puppies occasionally getting in the way (or ‘helping’ as they call it). As a reward for their ‘help’ I took them to the park after lunch.

Park panno

Park panno

I decided to try walking in Badgers Wood today. I haven’t managed it since my knee because the ground is terribly uneven. So I decided to try it when the uneven ground is covered in leaves. It was fine and made a pleasant change though Emma wasn’t happy that I wouldn’t throw the ball.

Badgers Wood

Badgers Wood

We then continued on to the castle.

We saw a lot of dogs including a manic cocker spaniel called Ned…or Ted. He was very keen on little Freya – he ignored Emma after she ignored him – and kept chasing her. Freya has a habit of rolling over, making herself as small as possible, when being chased by a dog that’s faster than her. It means she doesn’t get very far and, usually, I have to go and pick her up. It’s always very funny if somewhat frustrating for Freya.


I forgot to report on the new shop in Farnham. It’s a home decorating chain called Vinegar Hill. It’s in the Borough, opposite the Bush and between WH SMiths and the Nationwide. It opened about a month ago.

Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill

It will probably do a lot better than the stupid Evitonni of a few years ago…which is now Poundland.

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2 Responses to Terrace terrorist

  1. Mum Cook says:

    WOW Cant wait to go in and look at everything whoopee. the woods look great that’s good you can go further now and bet the terrace looks spick and spam ..
    love mum xxxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Spick and spam? Sounds gross

    What’s in this new shop? There’s another one I the old fruitier

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