Nothing, nowt, nada, asgjë, ezer, semmi, nihil, لا شى, 没有, bugger all

I have to say that my rotten knee has caused me a lot of stress when it comes to figuring out something to write about each day. I guess I could talk about the bus trip into Farnham and my half hour in Starbucks…actually I just did.

So what else happened? Not a lot.

Mirinda worked from home…actually I’ve just realised I forgot to mention that she was mentioned in Hansard last week. After a bit of a search, I discovered she was also mentioned in Hansard in July. Then, last week, Joe Johnson (brother of Boris) quoted her again. Here is what she said:

It is clear that the dominance of the one-size-fits-all model of university education is over. Fee rises have transformed students into more critical consumers and the government is right to recognise this in their reform package. Students are calling out for pioneering institutions offering alternative education models and an increased focus on skills that will prepare them for the careers of the future—with the mind-set and agility to fulfil roles that may not even exist yet.

Joe finished by making the statement that “We must not be constrained by our historical successes.”

Reading through the discussion in the House, there’s a funny exchange at the beginning…

JJ: It is a pleasure to see you in the Chair once again, Mr Hanson, although we have not made as much progress in your absence as you might have hoped. It is also a pleasure to see the hon. Member for Blackpool South in his place on time to start the proceedings. I am glad that he did not have to scapegoat Network Rail for his late arrival.

GM: I know that the hon. Gentleman wishes to defend the Government in all shapes and forms, but that does not necessarily involve defending Network Rail. If he carries on in that vein I might have to examine his record of interests to see whether he has shares in the company.

The Chair: Order. Members will have to fill me in on that at a later time. In the meantime, I call the Minister.

JJ: If the hon. Gentleman wants to lodge his time of arrival at Victoria, we can verify his claim with the operator and get to the bottom of his late arrival.

​It never ceases to amuse me reading the proceedings in parliament. I guess it’s the dull dryness of all that legislative dross that makes them want to inject a bit of life and humour.

Anyway, as I said, Mirinda worked from home. She took a break in the afternoon to take the dogs for a walk around the park (where Emma decided to roll in cow manure) then, later on after the sun had vanished to the other half of the planet, she took them around the neighbourhood just as the weather started drizzling.

Emma looked a lot better after a bath though she wasn’t very pleased with losing the lovely cowpat aroma.


Mirinda then announced that she had a breakfast meeting tomorrow and would have to leave the house at 6:15am. I’d like to say we had an early night…but we didn’t.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Lovely clean Emma, our Mirinda is getting very popular wow and she belongs to us.
    I did forget that word Hansard so glad you wrote it down so now I . Very proud of her as I bet her dad and sister are to
    Love mum xxxx


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