Making Christine laugh

This week I was called three times by three separate presenters asking if I could swap into their slots. Two of them were this week; today in fact. I’m generally more than happy to swap but it’s very difficult when I’m already recording on the day they want me to swap into. So I had to say no. (The third swap was for while we’re away and I said it would be quite difficult getting to the studio from the Alhambra.)

And so, mid-morning, I left for the bus stop, watching three buses drive passed me as I struggled to make the bus stop before too many more went by. No more did go by and I wound up waiting for 20 minutes! Good job I had my book…and my physio exercises.

I was presenting the Haslemere edition this week and had an all lady team (unusual and very pleasant). One of my readers was Christine who is always up for a laugh and almost as cheeky as me. When I saw her name on the roster it instantly made me smile. A favour I returned during the recording.

We had a new listener this week, a woman called Marjorie. Whenever we have a new listener I make a bit of a fuss, mentioning them a few times through the recording and giving them a special ‘goodbye’ at the end.

This week, during the What’s On section I mentioned that it was that horrid time of the year when we have to put up with awful gangs of kids wandering the streets followed by lots of dog scaring fireworks and I just suggested that perhaps Marjorie could plan to be out that night. Sitting opposite me, Christine erupted into laughter. It was delightful. I told the engineer to leave it in.

Following the long walk back to Waitrose, my knee was a bit sore. Following the short bus trip back home, I rested it.

Autumn in the Waitrose car park

Autumn in the Waitrose car park

I forgot to mention that I stayed up for the third and final US presidential debate this morning. When I told one of the other presenters that that was why I was looking a bit tired he wanted to know why I bothered. When I told him it was for the comedy he nodded sagely, agreeing with my assessment that the Americans have no idea what a debate is let alone democracy.

Speaking of which…I was wondering why the other two people standing for the US election don’t get to debate although they are on the voting paper. It turns out that anyone standing for election who doesn’t poll more than 15% of the (hypothetical) vote are excluded. Really? How is that democratic?

It seems to me that basically if someone is independent, regardless of how brilliant they might be for the country they don’t stand a chance because the two main parties in America have it all sewn up. I bet most American voters have no idea there’s actually four people running for election in November.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Well I for one didn’t know there was four I thought they had all been knock out not that I watch it very much only if nothing else on. I love the car park those trees are beautiful be a pleasure to park the car.You have to much fun at the talking newspaper, good on ya why not a long time dead. Its a shame you couldn’t swap with the others.
    Love mum xxxxx

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