Runners gone; empty bench

Up the park, the mysterious runners had mysteriously gone…as you’d expect. Meanwhile the puppies ran around like lunatics as if the shoes had never existed.

Empty park under grey clouds

Empty park under grey clouds

Late in the day I left the puppies to their own devices while I headed into town. I was off to meet Mirinda. We had tickets to see No Man’s Land by Harold Pinter. But, of course, dinner was first.

Naturally we met at Salieri’s where I had the carbonara while Mirinda enjoyed the sea bass.

Best restaurant EVAH

Best restaurant EVAH

I’d love to include a photo of the theatre but I’ve decided not to. Every time we visit the theatre in London they get more and more aggressive with their ‘no photo’ rule. I understand they don’t want people photographing the play while it’s being performed but I have a problem with them not allowing photos of the auditorium before or after the play. So, rather than give the theatre free advertising, I’m only going to talk about the play.

It’s not very often that Jean Luc Picard (Star Trek), Gandalf (Hobbitses) and Ser Alliser Thorne (Game of Thrones) all share the same stage but tonight they did. Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Owen Teale were joined by the wonderful Damien Molony for a mesmerising though generally baffling play. While it was baffling and confusing in equal measure it was also very funny…and frankly menacing.

I think Patrick had a bit of a cold and his throat was going so we were probably lucky he performed. I’m sure that Andrew Jarvis (understudy) is very good but we’d booked especially to see Patrick & Ian so would have been pretty devastated if he’d been off sick. (Particularly when we’d already had that with Sheridan Smith!)

Anyway, it didn’t and the play was wonderful…though baffling…and menacing.

I do rather love absurdist theatre. It’s so much shorter than Wagner.

Don't tell any one about this...

Don’t tell any one about this…

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Naughty boy, but great love both of them. Don’t you mean my restaurant. lol
    love mum xxxxx

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