Not quite a knees up…but almost

To start today’s post, here’s a photo of the dogs wrestling…


First thing this morning, Mirinda drove me up to Waitrose to buy food for the day while she sat in Starbucks, waiting for me to join her. The rest of the day was spent like the rest of the week…basically resting my leg. Effectively I lay on the lounge watching the TV or sat at the dining table entering books into our library database.

Mind you, today wasn’t as desolate as it has been because I had something to look forward to. This evening I went and saw the physio; the one that Sue told me about.

My only other experience of a physio was when I broke my wrist. The woman who gave me the exercises and told me, in no uncertain terms, that if I didn’t do the exercises I’d lose the use of my hand. The woman who I was too frightened of to ignore. Mind you, I’m glad I did what I was told because my wrist is like it was never broken at all and a lot of that is because of her advice.

Anyway, tonight was my second time with a physio and, while not being as scary as the one at Frimley Park, this one was just as brilliant. After a long chat and examination, she started rubbing my knee and massaging the muscles around it and, in about 15 minutes, there was little pain and I could almost bend it normally again. I was delighted.

She then gave me a whole load of exercises to continue doing and, if things hadn’t improved upon our return from Spain, I should give her another call. She was convinced I’d be fine…if I did the exercises. She has no problem on that count.

She also gave me some insight into what may be causing my Flappy Feet Thing. She says it might be a ‘tibialis posterior dysfunction’ rather than something neurological. I’m to ask the specialist when next I see him if he thinks it could be something mechanical rather than electrical. I really, really hope it is because I don’t want to be electrocuted again.

For the first time in a few weeks, I feel positive again. So, to finish today’s post, here’s a photo of the mahonia that appears to be finally about to flower…


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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Wow that does sound positive and let hope she is right, hope it is not to long till you see him again, That is the weirdest plant I have ever seen I thought they where crawly things like you see in a pond.
    Love mum xxx


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