Country adventures and digital celluloid

Tom occasionally sends me emails. Sometimes they contain videos he’s made. This one I received today. Sadly, there’s no sound. And the Giant Hand only made one brief appearance.

Maybe he’ll learn to add sound later.

Moving away from Tom’s dreams of Hollywood blockbuster greatness…Mirinda did her winter pots today.

She managed to plant up most of what we bought yesterday. My job, gradually, is to put them in the auricular theatre.

After a swim at the gym and lunch, Mirinda went on the Frensham Country Walk with two deliriously happy puppies. Because I was stuck at home, leg up and useless, Mirinda texted me as she went, adding photos every now and then.

For instance, along with the text “The field they were gathering hay in when we did this last time – and a rainbow!” she sent this:


Shortly afterwards she texted

Just sat on a log and ate an apple while watching the sheep and the rainbow – like being a Hobbit.

The time was getting on and the next message she sent was “The woods are rather foreboding at this time of day and year – and lots of Percy squawks” with this


She also found time to show me how the old man’s beard is doing down the country lanes.


It was a great way of almost going on the walk with her.

After dinner and an episode of Rake series 3 (it’s just been added to Netflix and we saw Lynden the other night) I stayed up and watched the second US debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…or as I refer to them The Politician and the Scary Clown. But, really, that will be tomorrow…

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3 Responses to Country adventures and digital celluloid

  1. Mirinda says:

    Bring back the giant hand! A much loved character.

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Whats the giant hand don’t think I saw that. What a lovely way to go on a walk.
    Love mum xxxx

  3. Mum Cook says:

    Those plants will be up and flowering by the time I see them and beautful
    love mum again xxxx


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