Puppies bar-b-que

After months of planning, the big barbi day had arrived!

I spent a manic morning washing floors and puppies, last minute salad prep, etc. People started arriving at 1pm and it didn’t stop.

I think it all went rather smoothly excepting Mirinda’s mammoth shopping expedition. I really only needed French loaves and barbi tools. I think she bought Sainsbury’s out!

Bob was fantastic standing in as cook and Claire spent most of the day chatting to Beryl, Peter and Sherry. She also cornered Karen for a while.

Nicole looked lovely and Stevie all fresh faced.

The large BPP contingent seemed to enjoy themselves.

Dawn, Nick and a few others watched Southampton lose and go down. very sad.

Lots of people bought presents for the puppies.

Carmen behaved very oddly. I think she was worried about the state of the pack. There’s been a lot of disruptions lately (and more to come) and she seems to need a lot of reassuring. She spent a lot of time in her basket whimpering and chewing on toys.

Day-z, on the other hand, continues on in her mindless cuteness.

I drank far too much, ending up watching Indiana Jones 3 with Denise. Mirinda put herself to bed quite early.

A very successful day.

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